Pipe materials

I get the top quality materials from all over the world. Briar uses the highest quality Italian blocks selected. And boxwood, bamboo, ivory and mammoth tusks are all wonderful materials.
I am happy to use them and provide you with the best handmade pipes.

Carved stamp guide

Pipe Pouch

【Handmade Japan blue / Old style dyeing】
Dyestuffs made in Tokushima-pref.
This dye style is doing from at EDO-era. This dyeing used natural elements. In to the Japanese rice wine – bran…

Manufacture:Sayu Dyeing Studio(Yuko Sato)

Oil Cure

In the making process, Apply oil cure by olive oil, and then drain the oil with water. This work takes about 6 hours.
In this state, since it contains a lot of moisture, it is dried slowly and slowly over one month by artificial drying and natural drying. Once it is dry enough,After that, as with the normal making process, the polishing is completed with a complete manual work while looking at the overall balance with a stick or paper file.
Thus, KenPipes oil cure requires nearly twice the work process and accuracy compared to normal production.
As mentioned above, it is an oil cure that requires a lot of time and effort, but its effect clearly highlights the taste and aroma of the original cigarette and smoothes the smoke quality. In addition, the weight of the pipe is lighter and the contrast color of the particles is higher.